How to order your petportrait or family portrait from photos

1. Selection of photos

Take photos that show your pets or family members personality and character.

My expertise lies in the interpretation and reproduction of the characteristics and personality from the animal or human, in the photo. Therefore, they are extremely important for the process and you must choose your photos carefully.

The quality of the picture is very important for the quality of the portrait. especially for an good petportrait. The eyes should be clear to see. Also details, like fur structure, muscles and veins, should be seen clearly. They give the portrait a living and natural effect.

2. Contact

Send me your photos by mail or e-mail. Send developed photos by mail only. In your own interest it´s recommended to use copies. They can easily be made in every copy-shop.

Please don´t send digital pictures printed on paper. Let me get the pictures in high resolution by e-mail or on a CD as jpeg-file.

You get your photos back when the artwork is finished. If the quality is insufficient, I send it back for free.

3. Size and drawing techniques (Black & white, watercolor, pastell & Oil)

Please let me know the size and technique the petportrait or family portrait should be painted in. If you are uncertain, I may be able to advise you.

Pencil drawings

Watercolor paintings

Pastel drawings

Please let me know the size and technique the portrait should be painted in. If you are uncertain, I may be able to advise you.

More informations about the technics and prices can be found here.

4. Payment

50% deposit with incoming order. After receiving the deposit I´ll start with the artwork. The remaining 50% must be paid after fulfillment of the order. Prices and formats, take a look at the lists down below. Shipping inside Europe 10 €.  

5. Production time

The delivery time for pencil, watercolor and colored pencil portraits is about 6-10 weeks. Oil portraits need about 3-6 months. 

6. Shipping and packing

All artworks are flat and safely packed in multiple layers for the shipment.

The shipping costs within EU are 10 €. Outside Europe it depends on your residence and on the size from your painting.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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