Prices for portraits, painted by photo

The prices listed here apply to 1 animal or person portrait or 1 other motif on a drawing or picture, with neutral background. I offer two versions of portrait painting. Stylized & Detailed. Below you can see the differences. Your photo decides which version is more suitable for your order. After reviewing the photo/s, I can give you a recommendation for the painting method, the format and the technique. Your wishes will of course be taken into account and included in the order.

Stylized (Loose, individual & painterly representation)





30 x 40 cm
90,-€ 140,-€ 140,-€
40 x 50 cm 150,-€ 250,-€ 250,-€
 50 x 70 cm 250,-€ - *

In the stylized painting style all individual characteristics are taken. Color, drawings expression and anatomy. The painting style is looser and does not go into detail. Oil portraits are not offered in this painting style.


Prices include VAT and shipping within Germany.
* Colored portraits in the format 50 x 70 only in pastel!


Examples of stylized portraits

Detailed portraits (every detail is captured, hair for hair!)





    Oil on canvas

30 x 40 cm 250,-€ 400,-€ 400,-€ 1750,-€
40 x 50 cm 450,-€ 600,-€ 600,-€ 2000,-€
 50 x 70 cm 650,-€ - *
800,-€ 2500,-€
60 x 80 cm  -
- *
1000,-€ 3500,-€

Prices include VAT and shipping within Germany.
* Colored portraits in the format 50 x 70 & 60 x 80  only in pastel & oil!

The detailed painting style is very complex and elaborate. Every detail is taken to create the best possible representation. More than a painted picture.

This painting style can only be used with photovoltures that have been created digitally and have a file size of at least 1500 x 2500 pixels !.

Examples of detailed portraits

Pencil (Black & White)

Watercolor on paper

Pastel on paper

Oil on canvas

Several motives & special formats

Each additional motif on a drawing or picture, costs 25% extra charge of the selected portrait size. This also applies to portraits with riders and detailed backgrounds. Portraits in sizes not listed here or special formats can also be produced, according to price agreement. I would be glad to provide you a non-binding offer.



In pencil and watercolor portraits a light gray or colored tone is always added as a background. The intensity or color is discussed with the client before. Elaborate backgrounds representing a scene costs 25% surcharge of the selected portrait size!
In the pastel and oil paintings, a full-surface colored background is created that matches the motif. The color and the intensity are also discussed. Elaborate backgrounds, which represent a scenery cost 25% extra of the selected portrait size!


Production times

Depending from the commission list, the production of a portrait may vary.

  • For pencil, watercolor and pastel portraits the production time is usually about 6-10 weeks, after receipt of the first 50% of the fee. The production time is also dependent on the commision list and may be shorter or longer than indicated! I will inform you by placing the order.
  •  For oil portraits the delivery time is approx. 3 - 6 months.

If the portrait has to be painted for a specific occasion, please inform me about this in your inquiry / order.



Shipping within Germany is included and takes about 3-7 days.

Within Europe the prices depend on the portrait size, but usually the shipping costs are between 10 - 50, - €.

Delivery is usually in 2-3 days. The parcels are insured and can be tracked via a shipment number. Portraits can be sent worldwide. The cost can be calculated after specifying the destination address. Two examples for shipping world wide. First example: Hamburg Germany to Carlifornien, USA the shipping of a 40 x 50 cm Portrait costs 80, - €. A portrait in the Size 60 x 80 to Sydney, Australia costs 150, - €. All portraits will be sent with UPS and insurance!